Planet NetZero X Gupon Sekar Langit

Established in 2014, Gupon Sekar Langit has been managing approximately 700 hectares of rice fields in collaboration with over 2800 farmers. Through the partnership with Planet Net Zero, the aim is to expand the cooperative’s coverage to 2000 Hectares within the next 24 months.

This growth will empower more local farmers and enable us to make an even greater impact on sustainable agriculture in the region.

The opportunity

Partnering with Gupon Sekar Langit, Planet Net Zero aims to boost farmer revenues by converting rice waste into Biochar, implementing the Alternate Wet and Drying method, exploring onsite green energy, and integrating rice field aquaculture.

These initiatives align with our commitment to sustainable practices and economic growth.


As part of our social impact commitment, Yayasan Tiga Pilar Pertiwi, our foundation, integrates community projects into every Planet Net Zero initiative.

Through our collaboration with Gupon Sekar Langit, we’ll distribute Terra Water Indonesia’s solution, advancing sustainable agriculture and enhancing the well-being of the local community.

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